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Play in the Street SERIES Play in the Street

Coming Soon
Part 4

The Scattered Church SERIES The Scattered Church

Part 3

Won't you be my Neighbor? SERIES Won't you be my Neighbor?

Part 2
June 21, 2020

Listen Learn Love SERIES Listen Learn Love

Part 1
Special guests Ben Baissa and Joeseph Bias
June 14, 2020


Welcome to the Neighborhood

The church has not been shut down. We’ve been sent out.


Throughout Scripture we find men and women who experienced seasons of quarantine. What can we learn from them?

He Is

During a crisis we have to remember who God is.

Treasures, Trophies, and Toys

Unlocking generosity in your life.

Gospel 316

Join us as we take a look at the most iconic verse of all time and examine the gospel.

Vision Day 2020

Pastor Brad lays out the vision and word for 2020.

Start To Finish

How to start strong and finish well.

Core Christmas 2019

Celebrate the birth of our Savior!

Rethinking Church

Does the church today look like God intended? To find out, we'll revisit the early church in Acts.

Hero Maker

We don't just want to be the hero, we are called to be Hero Makers.

Playlist 2019

Your favorite songs have more to say.

The Whale and The Worm

A look at the life of Jonah and what it takes to walk out our calling.

This We Believe

Explore the foundations of our faith.

Kids Day 2019

Kids Day 2019

Unite My City

What is the church's role in reaching our city?

Hangin with the Fam

The church is a place where you can be needed and known. It's not just a place where people gather, but rather it's people who gather in a

Easter 2019

Easter 2019 at Core Church!

A Monk's Life

What lessons did Pastor Brad learn from his prayer retreat at a monastery? Find out in our Lent series A Monk's Life.

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

How do we diffuse the weapons of bitterness, anger, and harsh words in our relationships?

Vision Day 2019

Hear where God is taking us in 2019!

Sink or Swim

Don't drown in the new year! Learn to swim in the depth of God's promises for you.

Core Christmas 2018

Christmas at Core Church!

Rock Your World

God has created you on purpose for a purpose.


How are we able to value the most important things?

Playlist 2018

Your favorite songs have more to say.

Pressed And Pulled

Life is busier than ever. In this series, we'll learn what God wants us to do when we feel pressed for time and pulled in every direction.

Psalms Of Summer

The book of Psalms is one of the most amazing books in the Bible. Be encouraged as we look at the Psalms of Summer.

Keep Moving

What do you do when life's obstacles become too much to bear? The simple answer has the power to change your life. Keep Moving.

The Table

Relationships happen around tables. Learn how to strengthen the relationships in your life.

Grave Robber

Easter 2018! God is at work even in your darkest hour.


Discover how 8 simple habits can Ignite your spiritual growth.

Built To Last

What does it take to build a life that lasts? Discover three principals from the Bible that can make you Built To Last.

Vision Day 2018

Discover how to multiply hope, healing, peace, and purpose in your life and the lives of others!

Core Christmas 2017

This Christmas, we look at the road to a promise. Found in Luke 2, we'll discover three roads that we all take to the promise God gives.


What does it mean to give thanks in all circumstances? Discover the importance of a thankful heart.

Get My Swag Back

I am loved by the Father, saved by the Son, and guided by the Spirit. When I discover these truths, I can Get My Swag Back.

We Are Core Church

A place of Hope, Healing, Peace, and Purpose. This is who we are. We Are Core Church.

Playlist 2017

It's back! Playlist looks at how popular songs can shed light on God, faith, and more.

The Nones

23% of Americans check "none" when it comes to their religious affiliation. During this series, we look at how God wants to use us to reach


We are busier and more tired than ever. But is this the way that God intended for us to live?


When you take the text out of context, all you're left with is a con.

The Heart of a Marriage

Mark & Karie Eaton share about marriage and how to fight fair.

Abba Center - Buddy Davis

Director of Abba Compassionate Ministries, Pastor Buddy Davis, shares 5 small steps to make an enormous impact in the world.

Kid's Day 2017

Kids and youth are the heartbeat of Core Church. We celebrate them on Kid's Day 2017.

Father's Day 2017

Father's Day 2017

Jonathan Foster

Special guest speaker Jonathan Foster shares about how God can turn your mess into a work of art.

Church Clothes

The way the world views the church isn't always positive. It's time for the church to look like Jesus intended. It's time for a new brand


We believe 2017 is going to be a year of revival. Learn about the dead things God wants to revive in your life.


Don't crash on the rocks of relationship troubles! Find your relationship destination for your marriage and parenting.

Vision Day 2017

Vision Day 2017

The Farmer, The Plow, and The Vine

We all want a successful new year. This series looks at three mind-shifts we need for our lives and our faith.

Celebration Sunday 2016

A celebration of what God has done in 2016.

Core Christmas 2016

Jesus came to give us hope, healing, peace, and purpose. A celebration of Christmas.

Reviving A Nation

What does it take to revive a nation? During this series, we'll look at four kings from the book of 2 Chronicles and find out what it takes

Playlist 2016

What can songs tell us about our life and faith?

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Sharing our faith is something that can be difficult, even for the best Christ follower. Learn how you can impact the life of someone forever.

Kids Day

A celebration of the next generation.


Discover how to make your prayer life full.

Friends and Freedom

Today we celebrate our nation's independence and the freedom we find in Christ.

Stess Leveled

Are you tired of being tired? It's time to find rest. Learn how to deal with life's hectic pace and level your stress before it levels you.

The Devil, Demons, and The Boogey Man

A look at who the devil is and how he tries to steal our faith.

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

What In The World Am I Doing?

Discover your God given CAUSE.

Prepare The Way

A look at the life of John the Baptist as we prepare for Easter.


A look at making your friendships, marriage, and parenting last.

Vision Day

Vision Day 2016

Brick by Brick

A look at where God wants to take us for the new year.

Celebration Sunday

A celebration of what God has done in 2015!

Core Christmas

Jesus came to establish the kingdom of heaven. What does that kingdom look like? Join us as we look at the kingdom Jesus came for this Christmas season.

Church Zombies

Discover how the Holy Spirit is the antivirus for becoming a Church Zombie.


We fight villains everyday. While they might not wear a mask or costume, they are very real and want to take us down. Join us as we look at some of the…

Playlist 2015

Playlist 2015

Love Handles

At the core of who we are is loving God and loving people. In Love Handles, we will see how we can put "handles" on this love to take to the world.

I Like Giving

Discover how to unleash generosity in your life.

Defining Moments

What causes one person to rise to their defining moment when others falter?

Relationship Killers

They're here to take you and those you love out cold. Join us as we take a look at the 5 bullets that can end any relationship.