Jesus had a small circle of friends that he confided in. He often withdrew with Peter, James, and John for prayer and reflection. We all need a small circle of friends that get beyond the “water cooler talk.” A few friends who know, care for, and encourage one another. The truth is, we live busy lives and relationships often get pushed to the back burner. Core Groups are a great way to grow in relationship with God by being in relationship with God’s people.


Circles are a great way to study the Word of God. If you are looking for materials for your circle, we encourage you to use the following to get started:

Sunday morning message – If all the people in your circle attend Core Church, the Sunday message is a great discussion tool. Take time to read the key scripture of the message and discuss what things in the scripture stood out to you from the message. How were you challenged? What didn’t you understand? What new thing did you learn?

-We recommend keeping a sermon note journal for your discussion times.

Bible study – Another great tool for your circle is to simply pick a book of the Bible to read together. Choose a book and number of chapters to read between meetings and discuss what you read when you gather. What scriptures stood out? Was there a verse that spoke to a particular situation you’re currently facing? Was there anything you didn’t understand? This is a powerful way to learn how to read scripture and to apply it to your life.

-We recommend starting with the Gospel of John or the Book of Romans.

Book/topical study – There are many great books and study guides available that your circle can do together. These are readily available from places like Amazon.com, Mardel, or Lifeway Christian Bookstore. Choose a topic that interests your group and take a deep dive into the material.

-We recommend materials by Beth Moore, Andy Stanley, Joyce Meyer, or John & Stacy Eldridge as good places to start.


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